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    Plan 999 data limit?


      I am really wondering if there is a data limit for plan 999...I have applied and granted for a Plan 999 with a free SG3 currently my data cap is already at 500mb. Some say that it is limited on 800mb and when you go over that you will be charged na. Please help :smileyhappy:

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          I thought your question was answered with the previous thread that you made. :smileyhappy:

          As you stated in your previous thread. You are not sure if you do have a UNLIMITED data service in your account.


          let me explain this way.


          If you do have UNLIMITED DATA service. All the connection made via internet will be covered by the Unlimited surfing service. And about the 800MB limit this is for the fair use policy. It is striclty regulated with prepaid accounts but for postpaid, Globe is linient for that matter. As stated in the FUP: 


          "In an effort to optimize the mobile surfing experience for the majority of Globe subscribers and offer a great customer experience to all users, Globe reserves the right to slow data speeds of the top 5% of data users at high traffic and highly congested times. The vast majority of users will never experience these slowed surfing speeds and even those that fall within the top 5% be slowed by the smallest margin possible and only when the system is overtaxed. With this policy, all users will have access to the internet and only those that heavily strain the network on a regular basis will have limited surfing speeds."


          FUP: http://surf.globe.com.ph/fup




          If you have UNLIMOBILE SURFING there is nothing to worry for the data charges. :smileyhappy:


          If you don't UNLIMOBILE SURFING thats the time you wil be charged, either P5 for every 15 mins in TIME based or P0.15 centavos per KB in KB based. There is a possibility that you can use all the Consumable/PesoValue that you have. :smileyhappy: