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    Why is it LTE is not available in Bacolod City?


      My plan is 1799, i have a globe provided handset (LTE capable) and I was required to avail the SUPER SURF. Why am I required to avail of the SUPER SURF when in fact I cant even enjoy the mobile data service because it is very slow. Sayang yung PV na inavail ko for the SUPER SURF, edi sana I have availed of other combos for me to consume.


      If GLOBE requires super surf combo, they should provide quality mobile data internet service.






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          We always want the best of this world @JerwinRlAu  and I could fully understand you but LTE is a relatively new service that Globe and the other telco has offered in a few areas. Even here in many parts of Metro Manila specifically in our place which is in the heart of the Metropolis, LTE is not yet available.


          Your SuperSurf subscription would not just be for LTE only but also for HSDPA, 3G, EDGE and GPRS and though it would be slower than LTE, it is data connection nevertheless which you can take advantage of specially with your device.


          Let us just hope that Globe could roll out their LTE platform the soonest possible time before a newer technology (like LTE-A) overtakes the soon to be obsolete data platforms that have not been deployed yet (Remember that EDGE never made it nationwide despite telcos offering EDGE capable phones).


          In the worse case scenario, you can always change your PV availment in the next billing cycle. Though it is required initially, some people were able to take it out in subsequent combo availments. Good luck.