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    recontracting problem


      I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S Duo phone for recontracting.  The first agent that I talked to told me that I would be able to receive my phone on Aug 12, 2013. That day came and no phone arrived in our office.  My boyfriend who also applied for recontracting received his phone two days after the promised date from Globe.  I was expecting that they would also deliver my phone on that same day since both of us are working in Q.C.  I called the next day to follow it up and the CSR that I talked to told me that she would just make a report about it and update me as soon as she receive a feedback from the courier in 24 to 48 hours.   Two days passed and I didn't receive any call from Globe.  I tried calling again and they just told me the same thing. There was a typhoon last week so I tried to understand that the courier might have had some problems so I didn't bother calling them on that week. It will be the 3rd week on Monday, Sept 2, so I am really pissed off already because it seems like the agents who receive my call don't do anything about my problem.   The last agent whom I talked to told me that she would give me a feedback whether it be negative or positive but it's been more than 48 hours and still, I have not received any call from ANY of the 5 agents that I talked to.  I'm not mad because the phone hasn't arrived yet, I'm actually mad because they've been giving promises that they don't keep at all.  I hope that this problem will be solved ASAP.