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    What freebies should I get if I'm more of a call person?


      Hi everyone,


      I made too many calls last month which resulted to a very high amount due in my last bill. My current subscription is Plan 499 and I got a blackberry curve along with it. I am left with 700 peso value at my disposal. Last cut-off I got on the phone with a globe agent and had him set up my account with the following freebies:


      3x 100 min.-Globe/TM Calls

      4x All Net Combo (5 mins. + 100 texts)


      I also paid for a booster (unli text to globe) worth 350. I registered for this 2 months ago and didn't realize it would auto-renew since I only registered through *143#. I had this booster cancelled but will only take effect in the September cut off.


      I am also paying for unli bbm 99 - I very rarely use this as I only get to chat with my sister (who I live with) and one other friend that I'm not close with. Can I just have this cancelled?


      I frequently call 1 globe number. There is a booster for this but I don't want to add on top of my MRF.


      At this point I envy my sister very much. She has a plan with SMART. She can use the 400 peso-worth of consumables for 500 minutes of calls to Smart. My 400 with globe can only give me 80 minutes of calls to globe.