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    Data Charges Bill Dispute



      Hi people!


      I talked to globe cust representatives and asked them  'bout why my bill was so high?

      and actually I availed the 599 plan and unli bbchat for 99pesos. and i'm using blackberry curve 9220.

      if ever i have overages i'm expecting my bill to be like around  900pesos. billed in advance so the 599 is already paid this is a new charge Php1167.68 so instead of paying just 700 pesos, if ever I didn't paid in advance, my bill would be like Php1867.68----- so what's the point of having the BEST EVER SUPER PLAN 599+99 if youwill be billed for this amount? :smileysad:


      and this is why the problem of globe is bill shock for the customers, because whenever i check my unbilled charges i only see the charges when you text other networks etc, but not the data charges on your account, lol. and I was really shocked 'cause the 147pesos on my bill was the charge for calling/texting other networks. the 1000pesos was actually the charge for using the data.


      so if ever i'll be having any overrages, i'm expecting that would be because of texting other networks, and not because of data charges since the bbchat subscription  that i availed is  for bbm only and restricted to other apps such as (internet, youtube and bbworld)  not unless if i turn OFF my data services  and turn ON my wifi instead, therefore i'd have an access to those apps.  


      my question is if i have availed the 99pesos unli bbm for a month, should i still be charged for using the data? because of course you'd have to turn the data services ON so you can access bbm, but i'm unli for a month. so why should i pay for the data since i'm unli and whenever i try to open other apps while my data services is ON IT WOULDN'T allow me to access other apps and  i would receive an error saying that it is not covered by my plan subscription.


      When i called the representative from globe, the rep said that even when using your wifi, you can still be charged somehow  for using data. which is actually weird and unacceptable, lol. because i also have my broadband account, i'm already paying for my internet and yet i still have to pay extra for using data services which is only restricted to bbm which i paid for 99 pesos unli for a month?


      since i'm not contented to the explanation of the rep, i tried calling another again, then this time she connected me to technical team, so the agent will teach me how to avoid having these data charges though i already know how.

      she mentioned something about under my settings, if the apn is ENABLED, though the boxes are unckecked.

      therefore she said that i really shouldn't be charged. 


      she said that she couldn't do more about my bill, just explain and share info. so I asked her to connect me to the billing department but make it a conference call so she can explain the issue to the other rep. 


      though i had an adjustment of 1000pesos. i'm still worried if this happens again next month, 'cause i don't want to call again just to dispute about my bill, 'cause of course they're also taking notes in our account, i also don't want to have a record always asking for adjustments though it's not really my fault why the system charges me for the data which it must not. and I actually hate getting mad at the representatives, because I know how stressful their work is and i know myself that It's not also their fault.


      can I ask for a piece of advice? on what to do about this.


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          @pelz02 - Hi there! Your monthly recurring fee is 599 + 99 for bbm chat. The BBM chat you're paying for is just unlimited BBM, not unlimited Data for surfing. So if you're abroad, data charges will apply if your Data option is turned on and your APN is configured - even if you're not surfing.
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              I've talked to one of your representative earlier today and It's very disappointing. Here's what happen. I've checked my unbilled charges and notice that there was charges on DATA which I am sure of that I didn't open since my plan was on limit. Yet I've still been charged for data. I find unfair so I made a report on this, but the rep told me that I have to wait for my BILL to make a dispute (to finish the cut off) , the problem is, how can you  assure me that after it appears on my bill, and I made a dispute, the charges will be off. I already made a case like this before but nothing happens. You keep on telling me days after days. Quite honestly, I have friends working on globe and I know how your system works. So please, take this charges off. I know its not the Reps fault but your system.


              FYI: I'm using Galaxy Grand 2, so it was easy to turn off the data and there was no way I should had been charged.

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