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    LTE provisioning taking too long.




      I would like to ask for help regarding my LTE provisioning on my LTE/4G nano sim globe provided me. It's been 8 days already since my initial call to globe to give provision to my account to access LTE. Until now nothing happens and it's annoying already.


      The problem here is that whenever I call them to follow up (I call everyday since August 24, 2013), all I get is that my request was closed but there is still no LTE provisioning on my account. How is that possible? Closed request, but upon checking it is still not provisioned? Please take note that I keep getting the same scenario during follow up calls.


      The agents I spoke with all said that it should only take them 2 hours to process LTE provisioning my request. There were some calls that the agents escalated the issue with 24 hours turnaround time, but after 24 hours there is still no result and no LTE. 


      I tried using another globe postpaid subscriber's nano sim with LTE on my phone and it does work. Is it with my sim card, or globe is just ignoring my requests? I find it hard to believe that globe cannot process my request in which some of my friend's LTE was immediately activated/provisioned within the said 2 hours or less.