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    A desperate plea from a community member

      Dear Globe,

      Please downgrade whatever you did to your network!

      I have a lot of friends who have been complaining about the terrible voice quality, uber slow internet, frustrating customer service, etc. which all started after the upgrade.

      Personally, the internet at our area can only be used in the morning as it is worst that dial up at night... regardless of which device and plan I use. Nakakaawa na po.

      It's sad how things have turned up...
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          Hi! Maybe your area could be still under Monitoring or under repair.

          Like in a computer, When you restart your computer after installing a program. It will have a little downtime and slow response but afterwards it becomes open. It will be back to extremely fast speeds again!
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            where's your location? just asking.
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              I know some friends living in Mandaluyong who are experiencing the same problem as yours. They experience a degradation of internet speed in the morning and early evening. I'm not a Globe employee and I don't have access to their technical tools, but I am replying out of my observation as a Globe internet subscriber.


              The first highly likely reason is CONGESTION in a given area. All ISP's have peak and off-peak hours, and the timeframes when you experience slow speeds correspond to Globe's peak hours. I live in San Mateo; my internet service speeds usually degrade to less than 0.5 mbps by 7pm when most residents are already home. But after rebooting my Superstick, internet speeds peak to 7 mbps after 11pm up until 6 in the morning of the next day.


              But in our area alone, there are 3 cellsites surrounding it, and the number of users may probably be a lot lesser than the population of good old Mandaluyong.


              Second might be the physical barriers, like tall buildings and apartment complexes (California Gardens, anyone? Joke). There is nothing we could do here but to find signal somewhere else. We know Globe may take a while before it decides to put up another cellular tower somewhere near you.


              I highly suggest you upgrade your SIM/stick/phone to LTE standards so you'll get the most of Globe's internet service. My friend who lives in Mandaluyong is very much satisfied with Globe internet and always uses his iPhone 5 as a hotspot instead of the regular USB stick.


              The customer service reps may not be able to give you the exact resolution you need, but they can at least send a repair ticket to their "imaginary" (joke) support group. And yes, these support group personnel might actually call you back BUT after a week which might way be past the due date.


              Oh well, Good luck with your techie dilemma. Hope Globe can make things possible this time. 



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                How about an update Sir @popmarco ?