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    Trece Martires City National High School, Mobile problem


      Hi! I've been trying to call the hotline almost ever day for about a week.


      It was about the school. Inside the school we cannot Text and Call. Some phones can connect sometimes could but delayed and dropped. I tried to have it reported with both Pre-paid and Post-paid Tech Department but they are telling me that the problem could be my sim which is not because the whole school, near location, are expiriencing this. I also tried informing via e-mail and chat but they just tell me that. Please go to the nearest Globe Store!

      Totally. It is a very big hassle to us because we cannot browse,text and call even the signal is Full!. Even that students are not allowed to use phones while having class. We are allowed to use phone by breaks and at the end of the classes.

      The most irritating part is when we got home early today about 5:00 - which is 1:30 before the original end of classes.
      I waited an hour or more because I cannot contact my parents to get me!. Even I went out but as I said near areas of the school are almost affected.

      Do really globe understand that there are many users, more than thousands of students and teachers expirience this problem and tell that only my sim is the cause? I really like globe but, almost all of my classmates are now switching to the other networks due to this problem and others are even DUAL SIM Cards they load the other network!. This is a big problem to globe and to it's subscribers as I choose Globe for It's Reliability and Signal.


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          Hi @Jeian ,


          For me this is a matter of proper escalation to Globe. I suggest to call the hotline again. Emphasize on these things:


          1. The problem is only experience in that isolated location. Whenever you are in a different location, your home perhaps there is no problem. So it pin-points in the locations.


          2. It is not isolated in your number only. Provide them other Globe numbers who experience the problem whenever they are in the location. Give them atleast 10 numbers.


          3. Provide them the exact location and provide atleast another landmark so that they can check the areas encountering the problem.


          4. Request for an on-site visit. 


          5. Request that the report will be treated as urgent as possible.


          6. Provide other contact numbers for the feedback and the best time to call.


          7. Escalate the concern to the supervisor, if there is no feedback yet.