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    Load Tipid Plan (LTP) with Blackberry 9200 Handset


      Hello Everyone!


      I am planning to avail another postpaid account which is LTP plan of Globe. However, I am a little bit confused about the what is being said here in the website and in the Globe Shop.


      The problem is this, I am planning to get a 2-year lock up contract of LTP Plan 300 to avail a Blackberry Curve 9200. I found out that availing that handset needs to have a cashout of 400 based on the brochure provided in a Globe Shop in SM Manila. But when I visited the Globe website, the cashout written is 2200php which has a difference of 1800php to what is being given to me in SM Manila.



      May I know what is the real cashout needed to avail a LTP Plan 300 + BB Curve 9200 before I proceed my application.


      Thank you very much for all your feedbacks!


      Looking forward for your answers! :womanhappy: