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      I encountered a very terrible service from GLOBE. from getting my phone to using my phone. your store is very crowded. it will took almost 2hrs bago ka ma-assist unlike sa other competitor nyo wala pang 5 minutes na assist na ako at naka pag apply agad ako. ang bagal din ng customer service nyo. walang kusa na sila mag followup sa client. scripted lahat ng sagot. 


      hope to improve your service, support, customer relation. 



      * Meron din aroggant na agent sa Globe SM North Annex, pasalamat ka hindi ko nakuha name mo. pero natandaan kita. pag balik ko kukunin ko name mo at irereport kita.


      heres the scenario:

      Me: Sir Good AM, tanong ko lang kung my stock na kayo na LTE sim for postpaid.

      Agent: (Nakatunganga) Tanong mo dun oh. (turo sa guard)

      *** After almost an hour, I get my sim and I ask assistance para ikabit sa phone ko

      Me: Sir pano po ba to?

      Agent: (Nakasimangot, kinuha ung sim at pinutol sabay abot saken) *** parang lumalabas. "O ayan kabit mo magisa"




          You may report the agent through the hotline or through their manager.
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            yeah you can report them to their manager, but to be fair you can try to approach the same guy and ask for help again, see how she/he reacts again to your inquiry. if its the same then she/he has some problem and should not be part of CS
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                Globe customer service team has the worst customer service ever. I never got satisfied with their "customer service".

                It's either: the agent doesn't know what to do, the agent doesn't care, the agent is rude, or they are really slowwww.

                The main reason I never want to talk to them again regardless if it's face-to-face or via phone, because I am certain of what I am going to get from them... FRUSTRATION.

                So instead of getting frustrated by their customer service, I just let it go and count my remaining days with them.

                I can't wait for my 24-month lock-in period to end. Yessss! :smileyhappy:
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                My apologies for all the troubles. After reading your post, I sent a private message to the Community Manager. He will get in touch with you soon. :smileyhappy: