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    New postpaid application for consultant in government - existing user


      Good afternoon everyone,


      I am currently working in the government at the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) - the national patent office. in McKinley, Taguig. I am a consultant an under contract and have been working at the same designation since May 2011 (more than 2 years now - continuously working in the same company) - though I am not a regular employee but a consultant working during the normal working hours of 8am to 5pm.

      I am paid a professional fee of 35,000.00 per month in Gross. I am a licensed chemist and paid for my service to the rendered to the company.


      I am an existing postpaid user of Globe under the family combo plan though it was applied under my partner's (gf) credit card information. Therefore, it was under her name though I have been paying the bill for over 2 years now jointly and have had a good record under our account. We only applied under her name because she had a credit card and credit card holders are approved on the spot as long as requirements are fully met with good paying record.
      Jsut a background; we got our units on the day itself.


      Now I would like to apply for an individual postpaid (new) account under my name. Will this be a totally new application for me? Will I be treated as a new applicant or can my previous account be a reference for my new application for consideration in the process to give me a better chance at being approved?


      Since I am not a regular employee, I only have the following requirements;


      - most recent BIR Form 1701 and 2307 (for professionals) received with the BIR stamp showing my proof of income at more than PhP 300,000.00 per year.
      - Skycable billing under my name with my permanent address
      - Company ID (government office)
      - TIN ID
      - Passport
      - certificate of employment (I can requested from the HR with specific purpose)


      I also have a savings account though it is only opened recently last week so I think I cannot present this since you require about 2-3 months statement of account. I also do not have a credit card and therefore I would like to know what are the chances of me being approved for a postpaid line. And if ever approved, will there be conditions in choosing which plans or phone units I can choose from?


      I am asking this because I would want to know the complete requirements I can provide based on my work status and available documents on hand. I also want to have a clean application wherein I will provide enough requirements on the initial application so that I would prevent being denied or having to be followed up by an agent for additional requirements.




      Thank you for taking time.





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          Hi @donsyete and welcome to the community.


          I do not see any problem with you applying for an individual account for you have the basic requirements which Globe would just verify.


          Having said that, your present plan which is under the Family Plan (3 lines or more) is unfortunately under your partner's GF's name so Globe would not credit everything to her and not to you even if you claim that you have been paying for it all along. She could however serve as your guarantor and even make your application a lot easier for approval.


          Question is, what would happen with the Family Plan now that you are deciding to have an individual account? Will the whole plan be terminated? Are you not interested to keep your number?


          Just in case, you may want your number to be separated from the plan to make it an individual account then apply for a change of ownership for that account under your name while showing your credentials and guarantor. I would think that this could be worked out. 

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            As long as you can provide the necessary documents when applying for the plan wala kang mahihing problema^_^