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        Based on what I know, Globe does not exactly disclose the exact salary an applicant must have in order to qualify for Plan 1799 for confidentiality, as does any bank or business. But my estimation would be above Php 15,000.00 given that you have no to minimal outstanding loans from a financial institution. Different procedures apply for BPO employees.


        Way back in March 2011, I applied for Plan 1500 for Load Tipid Plan. My basic salary then was around Php 10,000. I think my plan had been approved that day because Globe did not have strict regulations back then. They also told me that it was approved because I was then working for a Top 100 Philippine company.


        Reapplying for a new plan if you already have an existing one was a lot easier. I ordered my second line (Plan 349)  via hotline. I got another phone on May 2011.


        But came June 2011, I was informed Globe made some changes to the policies for approving postpaid line applications. Applications should be presently employed or have a business. BPO employees are already required to present credit card statements or pay 6 months in advance or must be working at the present BPO company for at least 2 years.


        I reapplied for a 3rd and 4th line just this year when my basic salary is above Php 20,000.00. The former is Plan 1799, while the latter is Plan 999.


        I guess the only reason they approved my succeeding applications was because I paid all my bills on time. That's just a wild guess, though.


        Furthermore, I found the info below from the Globe Facebook page:


        Applicant should be:
        •At least 18 years old (if below 18, you may ask your parents or guardians to apply for you).
        •Have a local billing address (P.O. Box and Business box address is not acceptable).
        •Have minimum gross monthly income (GMI) of Php10,000.00. <<<<<<< Probably for lower plans
        •A Filipino citizen; otherwise, must present required document for foreigner.
        •Able to provide contact number (Landline or Mobile) for verification.

        • Re: What is the salary cap if I am going to apply to a plan 1799 or plan 999?

          Hi @johnel1021 ,


          You can refer to this thread. There are already answers



          Plan 999 - P12,000 to P12,499

          Plan 1799 - P15,000


          Hope this helps,