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    Will tablets replace PCs?




      In 2009, Apple released the iPad. Let's be honest, we never really saw the potential of tablets until we saw the iPad.


      In 2011, Android released Honeycomb (3.0), the first Android version that fully supported tablets.


      In 2012, Microsoft released Windows 8, the first Windows OS that fully supported touch.


      It's 2013 and most if not all major manufacturers are moving towards making tablets. A large chunk of users are thinking of buying one. Companies big and small are making good use of tablets in their businesses. Software developers are all making sure that their applications can tablet-ready.


      With the rapid growth of tablets and their use in our lives, we ask the question again: Will tablets replace PCs?


      Share your thoughts in the comments below. :smileyhappy:

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          Seeing the Galaxy Note 3 with its specs. You can check it HERE. I find it can might perform like a PC. 


          With its RAM, Memory, processor etc. Its a WOW!


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            I say, No. At least not yet. Despite the tech world's dizzyingly rapid transformation, humans are more hesitant to change. Most of us are now gearing our technology towards giving convenience to life. The way I see it, tablets are too minute to even replace the functionality of the beloved keyboard. Touch typing would be a lot difficult and computer programming will be one heck of a mess. 


            But people adapt to change, and I'd like to say that it may not be tablets that would replace PC's, but a more intuitive design, a probable hybrid.