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    GoSakto expiry inquiry

      From the GoSakto FAQ, "If you register to two same bulk offers, the allocation of the two offers will be added and it will follow the longer expiry."

      How about for different ones?

      For example: if I still have text credits left from a nearly expired call-text-surf promo, and I register to a call-surf promo, will the text credits follow the longer expiry?

      Thank you!
        • Re: GoSakto expiry inquiry

          Hi @Mikmik ,


          I think YES. The remaining credits for text messages will have a longer expiration date because you registered again. 


          As per the FAQ it will follow the longer expiry. :smileyhappy:


          For example: You have 20 more text credits until Sept. 10 and you registered again for additional 50 SMS until Sept. 12.

          Total you will have 70 SMS credits until Sept. 12. :smileyhappy: