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    lookong for travel buddies

      I love traveling and thanks to these airline promos I get to trabel a lot. currently hooked into traveling to Asian countries and so far have been to Hong Kong 3x and have used it for macau and Shenzhen as well.

      I have 2 more international trips scheduled for the first half next year (malaysia/Indonesia) and looking for travel buddies for the other half to check out Thailand or Vietnam. I only have one friend who always goes with me and I think with current problems at her workplace she wouldn't be able to travel a lot with me anymore

      so if ever one of you is interested feel free to contact me. traveling is quite cheap btw, I usually just spend around 15-20k for a 4-5day trip including plane tkts
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          Travelling is more fun, especially when you have someone else with you taking each other a photo souvenir (picture picture) and its less worry traveling alone.

          Let me share my travels as well,

          Singalaysia or singapore and malaysia plus side trip to indonesia is what im looking forward to visit these coming years.
          I have been to Macau for 2x, Hongkong 3x visited ocean adventure once and 2x disneyland we had a side trip also to Shenzen China which i dont find it a nice place.

          I have been to Thailand, to rate. Its fair enough but i dont like the smell on the street espcially when passing by the street vendors, i hate the smell of their common seasoning and i dont find TOM YUM pleasing to my taste bud and sense of smell, vacation is good, i got a promo hotel room via Ensogo at P5,700.00 for 4 days and 3 nights with free buffet breakfast for two. at Furama X located at the center of bangkok where embassies are located.

          My vietnam and cambodia tour is quite ok. I prefer vietnam than cambodia. Cambodia is dusty place. Got skin irritations when i got back home to PH. When you get to vietnam and cambodia you will become a Millionaire, cause their currencies are too small comparing to Ph and Us dollars.. Few dollars will make you a millionaire there hahahaa but still, sounds amazing but it will not help as well..

          Laslty, my California tour is the best, nice foods whoa servings are huge... I love food thats why i enjoyed my california tours, been to San Diego Ocean Adventures, In Los Angeles Hollywood walk of fame, Griffith Observatory where manny pacquiao used to climb there during his work out and training., also, what is exciting to see and touched snow, somewhere in Big Bear City California, manny pacquiao also used to run exercise there.

          Then after my San Diego and Los Angeles tour, I went to San Francisco California, visited Golden Gate Bridge and the relatives of my Wife somewhere in Alameda County.

          Those are are my travel adventures!

          Looking forward to visit singapore, malaysia and indonesia but in few years, i m in local tour by now, by april next year I booked to Bohol for our wedding anniversary and by December will be going back to Califonia hopefully, if it has enough budget, we will do state tour, probably at EAST COAST area...

          That' s all trvavel buddies... Hope we can have a group tour someday... Enjoy!