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    Chinabank to GCash


      Hey guys, just one quick question. What's the best way to transfer cash from Chinabank to my GCash account remotely at the convenience of my home? 


      I have checked the following:


      1. Online Bank Transfer (there is no Chinabank in the drop-down-list menu)
      2. Mobile Phone Banking (Chinabank is not included)
      3. BancNet ATM (burdensome as I have to go to an ATM)
      4. GCash Outlets (I think this is my last resort if there are no other means available)

      Any suggestion guys? Or is there anything that I missed? Thanks!




      **Look guys, I found this on your website. So I can cash-in to my GCash wallet online using Chinabank? Can you teach me how? Thanks!