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    Why can't Globe retain my DUO number?


      Good afternoon, hope you guys can help me with this concern!

      I have an existing Globe duo number in my company's Globe Corporate account. I'll be leaving the company soon, moving on to bigger, brighter things!

      I was told by a Customer Representative that I could retain my number in a Corporate Individual Plan, but I will not be able to retain my duo number. Why is this so?

      Yours Truly,


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          you cannot retain the Globe duo number because it is belong to your company..

          they can't give you the no. because it is under your company's corporate account..meaning to say..company mo lang talaga pwede gumamit nyang no. na yan and they eventually give it to the person na papalit sayo since company provided ang line mo.
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            Hi there @AlexLovesRobots :smileywink:


            Two agents from the Twitter Team - @talk2Globe confirmed that you can also keep the Duo number.

            Howdy Gibo! If the corporate account is going to be transferred to your name, yes you can keep the DUO number, as well as the mobile number unless you request for it to be changed as well. Only the name and account details will be changed should the account be transferred to you. The SIM details will be the same. :smileyhappy: With regard to the error you're having in registering your account, balikan kita. I'll consult this lang with our web developers.

            @gilbertdomingo As confirmed, you can keep the Duo number as well. =)

            Two heads are better than one. You can keep the same Duo number.
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                Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures. 


                Simply put, you can keep your mobile number and your duo number anytime as long as you are paying for it.


                Your network cannot change your number without your consent. 


                You may send an email to Globe Business Customer Support [email protected].


                Inform them about the transfer with your specific requests.


                If your Duo Number is replaced, inform them about it right away, agad agad, via email or you may visit a Globe Store. 


                Take Note. Via email or via Globe Store. Not via Twitter or 2199 or 027301288.


                (Am I being too Account Specific?)


                Happy Weekend.


                P.S. Things are different for Corporate Accounts and Corporate Individual Accounts 



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                    Arnold Zara

                    Yeah I agree with @WillFind The only scenario that you're Duo number will be changed is when you deactivate the Duo or Super Duo add on. In your case, change of of ownership would be processed, so when you process the change of owneship, don't change the plan if it's a stand alone Super Duo or don't remove the Duo or Super Duo add on. :smileyhappy: