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    Globe Redesigned!


      Globe is the 2nd to the Biggest Telco in the Ph. Due to it's consumer based strategy they won over the Postpaid  subscribers.



      But Globe is going to change it's logo?






      Then what is the next?

      Introducing the New Globe Logo!






      How do this becomes important?
      In Entrepeneur, Logo is the basis of how your customers know your brand. It is a simplification of a long brand such as That Logo represents "Globe Telecommunications Inc.".


      For me the logo was just changed to a better graphics quality making it like more "3-D" or 3 Dimensional Figure. For Me the both were great but in terms of the new logo, They surely need to change the color of the globe to another type of blue to fit :smileyhappy:

      So how about you what can you say!