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    Globe will have more ATTRACTIVE people... CONFIRMED!


      It is about TIME... and YES, it may come as early as a few days from now... and YOU who are reading this may even be responsible for this effort.


      I have seen how the Globe Community has helped other people through the sharing of one's experiences, addressing and even elevating their concerns, suggesting alternatives on perceived solutions and even discussing opinions in an open and documented fora.


      To give credit where credit is due, Globe is the only telco company that has taken the risk of exposing itself to subscribers and non-subscribers in an open-for-all, member-helping-members type of community board where they could be openly bashed, criticized and even faulted for their shortcomings within the confines of common accepted board rules. And yet through these, there is a zeal to resolve the concerns and improve their services despite some limitations and many of us have witnessed and could actually read how these things evolved through the documented archives of this community.


      The people here are real and sincere because we in the community are of different ages and professions and all of us (except for a "fingered-few" people running this Board perhaps) are not being compensated financially for this endeavor. We take part through our virtual presence yet we look forward to meeting and getting to know each other outside the confines of the internet to expand our network...


      Expansion entails build-up... a Community Build Up... and if this is to be achieved then we have to ATTRACT more members to this community that we are addicted to because we know that the helping and the learning could benefit even more people and if more people are benefited, then our community can become better...  Now the community, tomorrow the country and soon a better world for all of us helping and learning from each other.


      Wouldn't it be nice we are all part of this? Take this challenge http://community.globe.com.ph/t5/General-Discussion/Are-You-Up-For-A-Challenge-10-000-on-09-17/m-p/38055#U38055


      If you ATTRACT then you are ATTRACTIVE, the more people who ATTRACT, then more people will be ATTRACTIVE.