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    Application for New Postpaid Plan


      I hope moderators here can help me. I have applied for a new postpaid plan for almost a month now still haven't heard of any response. I have applied for Plan 999 for Galaxy S4 within 30 months lock-in period and cash-out of 10,100 Php. 

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          nakapag follow up ka na po?

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            I applied 2day for postpaid plan 499/mo. to acquire a Samsung phone...I am formerly self-employed now a retired businesswoman. I brought with me proof of billing, valid IDs, Bank passbook with 6 figures deposit balance. I was denied.... even explaining to them that I have been a loyal prepaid subscriber for more the 15 years. These were the reasons why I was denied: l. My bank passbook do no show any deposits made for the months of July and August. (What!! do you monitor movements of deposits?) 2. Since di puede passbook ko... they ask me if I have a credit card..... Yes, I have, only it is an international credit card (I worked in the US for 4 yrs). Kung ganun daw, dapat I pay 7 months advance.... ok with me. I told them I will charge it to my credit card since I only have 3,000 pesos with me.... puede daw!.... Then, umalis yung kausap ko pag balik nya...... kailangan may US ID ako..... (What!!! Di naman ako US citizen and di na rin ako stay or work in the US.. paano ako magkakaroon ng US ID). Are these enough reasons to deny me?