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    Very weak signal

      To whom it may concern, eversince I started using mobile phones I have been using globe. There's a major problem since then. The signal has always been weak inside any house here in our barangay in calamba, laguna. That problem caused my previous globe sim cards to malfunction and to became a late receiver. I changed globe sim cards numerous times but it keeps on becoming like that due to the said problem. Most of the people in the neighborhood swithed to another network because of that. I have faith in you that you will respond in this problem.

      Im hoping for an immediate and good response.
      Thank you moderators.
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          I don't think they can do something about this.
          My signal in Cabuyao Laguna sux so much I want to cry a river. I never had a stable 3G signal, only EDGE or worse, No Service.

          You gotta look for an area where there is a 3G and stick with it.

          I know it's not cool but what can we do?


          That's the reason I can't wait for my contract to end. Only seven months left. Yey! :smileyhappy:
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            have you already escalated this for the investigation? 

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                While we all hope that Globe would be reliable in all areas regardless of topography, house/building material under or over ground, such is simply not possible due to the limitation of econimically feasible solutions at present times brought about by the limitations of the radio signals which cellphone companies are allocated with.


                As I would advise those who are planning to subscribe to a MOBILE phone network, make a study of the possble areas where you would want the service to be used and choose a carrier which would be the most reliable in those areas. One way is by asking the people around and another by actually getting a prepaid sim to have an actual test.


                It would also help that if there is quite a number of people in your area who would want to use Globe over the other network, then a petition letter signed by a huge number of your neighbors may convince Globe to make it economically viable to put a cellsite in your area. 

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                The weak signal is the very signal why some of our neighbors switched to the other network. Signal is only stable when I am outside of the house or in the 2nd floor. Can we really "live without limits" with globe? :smileysad:
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                  Greetings!! i've been with globe since my first mobile phone but ive been reconsidering to transfer to another network. Globe signal has been a problem for me for months. As much as I wanted to be loyal to globe coz ive been hearing about their modernization but nothings change....a lot have been complaining about globe signal....to Globe management I do hope you could do something about this before you loose your loyal subscribers....thank you
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                    Nawala ung 4g signal dito sa Inosluban, Lipa City. Bakit po kya? Pati H+ weak na rin.. ndi stable. Pde pakiayos po. Salamat. Kaning umaga lng nangyari to

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                      We are in Cainta (unlike you) and same problem...weak signal....sometimes "no service"...there is one signal bar but you can't send text or call. If the solution is to install additional cellsites, why can't Globe do this? They have the money. Or give subscribers  free "air boosters". If not free, make them cheap only to benefit all. I'm willing to pay P2,000 for this booster, if proven effective and to be refunded if not good. Pls do something about this problem since your existence depends on your service. Andyan kayo. Sabi nga ng Nike, "Just do it". Thank you.