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    how long will it take??


      usually ganu ba katagal ang inaabot bgo maaaprove at makuha ang plan??


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          it depends on how many application is there on their table to process. medyo mabagal sila sa pag CI kasi they have to check your info and get feedback from your reference.


          But if you have a credit card and your an outstanding citizen who pay it on time :smileyvery-happy: you might get approve in no time, just wait.


          Just in case you have been visiting malls, there's always a promo somewhere that could speed up you getting a new line and phone. ganun nangyari sa hipag ko, napadaan lang sila sa Robinson's then me promo for Note 2 on Plan 999, right there nakuha na nya ang phone with approve plan.

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            It takes 2-3 working days po. Tumatagal po kung malaki po yung volume ng applications sa Globe Business Center kung saan ka nag apply.
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              Another factor @itsdayao is the availability of their phones/stocks.