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    I applied for iphone postpaid plan in globe store, i submitted complete documents, they've calle me


      i've applied for postpaid plan in globe store, i've submitted complete documents, they have called me 2x and interviewed me, then no called for 3 days, ive followed it up, sbi nila they cant contact my work place number 

      busy tone daw, ive provided new number, then follwed it up again sabi nila busy daw, but when i checked it myself di nmn daw nagriring un phone, wala daw gumagamit at wala tumatawag....now im wondering are they really trying to contact my work place? last thing i did i gave my chairman's personak number, sbi nila un na lang daw kulang to check my financial capability, but they are sayig the phones are busy....ano ba talaga?will my application get a chance?