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    FUP Checker


      Since Globe implemented BW cap to all resdidential plans, is there a way for us to check the exact amount of bandwidth we've used aside from calling the hotline? 


      I mean other ISPs in the States has this bandwidth checker to make sure na aware ung customers nila sa usage nila w/o calling the hotline. 



      The hotline cannot alos provide the exact bandwidth used but they can check if your account if na FUP or hindi ung account.

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          I think this will be added after the I.T Upgrade of globe.

          Sana din give the signal map too!
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              I know it's a long shot but in the meantime, equip your router with DD-WRT firmware if capable or any other firmware with built-in bandwidth monitor. It monitors incoming/outgoing data from the WAN port so you won't need to monitor each device connected to your router.

              Globe should have implemented the 'FUP checker' before capping everyone.
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              Try using NetWorx, with a bit configuration you'll end up like mine and you can monitor your Download and Upload.
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                  ^ That would work. However, if you have plenty of devices, such as smart phones, tablets, etc., connecting to a single router, you might not be able to measure them all at the same time.

                  If you have SNMP on your router, then this could be useful.