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      For the past couple of years I was charged with browsing charges eventhough I have not use the services, I disable the cellular data, replace the APN but still the charges are there, I was charged around 300-400php extra from my plan, I let it slide since I dont have time to go globe center and I just pay online, but my last 2 bills, I was charged more of this wap that again I DONT USE, I was charge around 1200-1700  of WAP. And another thing my credit limit is only 1000 and how on earth I was charge 2000 in 1 month? Any smartass from globe please tell me how to solve this problem?

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          Hi, I'm not from Globe but let me suggest that you call 211 and have you WAP or Mobile Internet disabled. So that next time you won't be able to receive internet charges to your bill.
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            It would be best that such incidents be reported to Globe immediately as this is our responsibility as subscribers.


            Under the Terms and Conditions:


            5.1.4 For any billing inquiry or complaint, you are required to file a complaint with our Customer Service Hotline, Globe Stores, your assigned account manager or Globe portal at www.globe.com.ph within thirty (30) days from the Statement Date. Failure to file your complaint within said period shall mean that you have accepted the accuracy and correctness of the bill, and in effect, shall become final and conclusive. We will respond to your billing queries or settle your billing complaint at the soonest possible time. You agree that we shall rely on our records that you agree to be correct and conclusive. 


            I have also experienced that problem before even when I was using an old phone which was not capable of data. Though the amount was not as big as yours, it was happening every month and everytime I would report it, Globe would eventually reverse it until I decided to cut off data for that line since I had another line with unlimited data. I made sure that the Globe CSR did the disabling through the hotline and to document the reference number in case of dispute.


            You can also check your phone specially if it is a "smart phone". They are not as smart as we think they are and people are still smarter as data could still be sent or received even if settings are different. It is best to leave the APN blank than having some words into it and of course, keep mobile data off. 


            Regarding Credit Limit... Globe's definition of Credit Limit according to the Terms and Conditions are as follows:



            3.1. You will be assigned a credit limit which specifies the maximum recurring charges which you may subscribe to. 


            As you can see, the credit limit only pertains to your Monthly Recurring Charges meaning, the amount of your Plan NOT INCLUSIVE of the extra charges that it may incur beyond that.


            It is different from what Globe would term as "Spending Limit" which is defined as:



            4.1. You may opt to set a spending limit which represents your cap which will enable you to manage your usage within a billing cycle. If you exceed your spending limit, we may require payment even before the end of your billing cycle or we may notify you through any of your contact details/numbers. Notwithstanding non-receipt of any notification, you may request, at any time, details about your unbilled charges by calling our Customer Service Hotline (+6327301000); visiting any of our Globe Stores nearest you; or consulting your account manager. Failure on your part to inquire about your unbilled charges for whatever reason does not absolve you from liability in settling your outstanding balance in excess of your spending limit. Further, we may bar, suspend or temporarily disconnect the Service as soon as you exceed your spending limit, or when otherwise warranted by abnormal usage patterns or other circumstances, without need of prior notice and liability on our part. You agree to pay for all usage whether within or in excess of your spending limit in order to continuously avail of the Service. 

            4.2. We reserve the sole right to review the criteria for the increase/decrease of your spending limit and approve or disapprove any such request subject to existing terms and conditions. We may also proactively increase your spending limit and notify you of the increase. If you do not concur to your new spending limit, you have to inform us within the specified period indicated in the notification. Failure on your part to advise us within the specified period shall be deemed as acceptance of the new spending limit. 


            Hope this clarifies things.