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    Another frustration. Will appreciate your suggestions.


      Good day. I had a problem last billing statement and this was the story: Click here Thankfully, it has been resolved.

      This time, right after that billing statement, another new problem has arised. I have already made 6 or 7 calls to the hotline (211) but every single time that I have been promised to have my statement fixed, the cases are closed with no resolution. Imagine, it has been a month since my very first call about this issue!


      I have 2 accounts, as you can read from my last post, where I have described in detail the background information about my plan(s).

      Both have been billed (on top of my 1,799 monthly) a whopping Php 13,000+++, plus VAT which would total to Php 15,000+++!


      The reason for this, according to the statement, is "Pre-Termination Fee for Gadget - 07/26/13 1 13,716.96" which is impossible because the first gadget we got was for free, and my contract was already 2 years before I upgraded my plan.


      I have called, like I said, 6 or 7 times. Wala parin nangyayari. I'm so tired of it.


      Actually ang problema ko ngayon is lalabas na ulit ang NEXT bill ko and nagpatong patong na, Collection is calling me because I haven't paid my previous bill! How will I pay it when I don't know exactly what to pay anyway?! What am I supposed to do now?

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          Go to the nearest Globe business center and tell you issue. Sometimes those 211 agent doesn't help when it comes to problem like this.

          Don't forget to bring the necessary documents needed to support your case.
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              @notevenfollowed I already did, and I was just referred to the hotline again. :-(


              @JaysonAguilar Thru hotline. So as I mentioned, I tried to go to the service store at one mall, and they said to call the hotline. 3 agents na ang nagsabi sakin na na-escalate na to the Loyalty Dept. Pero still, na-close ang cases na walang resolution.Yung iba sabi 24 hours, iba 3 days, iba 7 days daw antayin ko. Ngayon one month na ganun pa rin. 


              I already PMd @GlennO about my situation. I hope something can be done about this. May mga agent na rin na sinasabi hold nila ako to check my account tapos dinadrop nalang nila yung call. :-( Pero sobrang ayos ko naman makipagusap. Nakakalungkot lang.

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              Saan nyo po ba na kuha ung Loyalty Availment nyo? Is it thru Hotline or sa Globe Store? if its from Globe Store you can visit dun sa Globe Store kung saan ka nag apply and you can raise your concern to one of their representative for them to raise your concern to Loyalty Dept. and if its from Hotline it should be escalated to Loyalty Dept for proper adjustment of Pre-Termination Fee for Gadget. Sana po nakatulong ako. :smileyhappy: