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    Is this my real bill?!


      I just received my first bill for my first globe postpaid plan999 with a free SG S3 ont the side this was one of their promo last aug. 24 the date I had my plan. Can someone explain to me the whole billing system? And I think it's not that reasonable to send the bill 3 days before the due date. The total amount was 5k. I've read that this was due to the phone as a one-time charge. I am not using the consumables for calls both here and abroad just for texting. And I am aware that i don't go over the 800mb data cap because I limit my udsage to only 500mb everyday so why?! Please someone expalin this to me and help me. Thanks...

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          Can you post a copy of your bill? So, our fellow members can help you out.
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              Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures!


              Hi, @notevenfollowed . @EltonBeyd may not post his bill here.


              The best thing for you to do is to look at your first Billing Statement.


              Check all the Charges.

              Check for "Invalid" Charges.

              Check for Data Charges.


              If you got the handset during a promo period, there should be no One Time Charge for the Availed Handset.

              I apologized for the misinformation. But the system may have erroneously billed you a charge for the Handset.


              Don't worry, all Invalid Charges can be reversed.


              About the delay of the first billing statement, I am sorry for the inconvenience.

              Please don't feel any pressure in paying the bill right away.


              While we may be able to share some light in your concern, it would be best if you discuss this concern further with any helpful Customer Service Representative in the Globe Store.


              (I hope I am not being to account-specific in my reply.)

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              Hi Elton, 


              Meron summary ng charges yung Bill mo for sure, based on that makikita mo kung saan galing yung total bill mo, much better then to call Globe hotline for your concern para ma check nila yung error or somehow explanation bakit ganun yung bill mo