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    Experience 09.17 with us!


      Hello Community!


      Yesterday, we celebrated 09.17. It was a huge success! Check out the amazing activities and milestones reached that happened last night.


      First, let's talk about the amazing feat that Globe Community achieved.



      Globe Community's race for 10,000 members was achieved last night. With this milestone being achieved, we are now the fastest growing telecommunication online community in Asia. Our deepest gratitude goes out to all community members who helped us achieve this amazing feat :smileyhappy: 



      Now, let's talk about the WONDERFUL activities




      The Globe Tower is truly the happiest place as it hosted simultaneous parties all over the building. Employees were treated to an amazing experience as food was served to everyone for FREE, that was combined with great music from our great DJs and artists.



      20130917_190947.jpg  20130917_191000.jpg  20130917_191431.jpg  


      Check out the party at The Forum. Enjoy the DJ sounds and amazing food!



      20130917_191625.jpg  20130917_200350.jpg  20130917_192615.jpg


      At Taste, buffet dinner is served to everyone that is coupled with great music. Taste was transformed to a club where everyone surely had a blast!


      20130917_200957.jpg  20130917_215742.jpg  20130917_215801.jpg


      Check out Sam Oh as she pumps out the crowd. Also, Bamboo rocked out the 21st floor with his hits that made everyone sing along to his tunes.



      People may be in different floors, doing different things, but one thing's for sure, everyone had fun and partied their hearts out. Come and enjoy with us next time :smileyhappy: