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    S&F: List of promos with detailed instructions (particularly third party promos).


      Hello! I would like to raise this concern and suggestion.

      My friend applied for a Globe plan and was successful within 24 hours. I commend the prompt and excellent service. :-)


      In the first month... he got a bill exceeding his actual credit limit. The weird thing is... he didn't even do much calling and texting. Well I'm the one who recommended him to Globe so my concern was also raised.

      He talked to me and fortunately I'm familiar with your services and I asked him to check the USSD *108# I was surprised that there were alot of promos activated including ones I'm not familiar with.


      I asked my friend thoroughly and asked for an honest reply. He said he didn't even know those promos even existed except the ones he agreed upon the contract (which is Super Surf and some IDD calls to prorated specific countries). I checked his inbox and to my surprise... a lot of 20 pesos went down the drain due to subscriptions and so called ringtones he has no idea with. Also, a lot of condo and loan messages.


      Now here is my analogy -


      Like IP an address or MAC address. Postpaid cellphones numbers are similar. 917 is the identified area code prefix for Globe postpaid and the rest can be generated.  Also, the number itself is just rented and just reapplied through serial number which corresponds to the sim kit for the activation. In general terms... if somebody already used the number and then discontinues the plan. The number can be issued again to another user which is identified through serial... hence the PUK code is serial based in postpaid.

      Now here's the bad part. What if the previous user of the number was... I'll be blunt... not the brightest when it comes promos then activated a lot of promos (e.g. MYX/ABS-CBN promos and stuff). Then after a while complained about being billed frantically then left the service. Let's say Globe deactivates the number and serial. Yes it will be deactivated. "BUT" The number is dormat but the promos will still be recurring.

      Now my friend got his sim kit with the number unfortunately matched the promo ridden number. He got his bill then poof! 5000.00 (approx) of a globe 1799 with peso consumable.

      I verified it was third party promos due to when I checked *108# most promos are active and I have to stop all of the promos or unsubscribed. Of course I left the acknowledged promos alone.


      After that scenario... one month later his second bill arrived to what it should be... 1799. Well of couse... the third party probably gave the number already to some sleezy scumbags... so the condo and loan messages still come. But not too often compared to before.


      Now as the title implies. I suggest make an accurate list regarding promos in the USSD *108# command so that subscribers won't be shocked when their bills arrive specially those new subscribers who unfortunately receives a shocking bill out of their consent. At least any bill offset will be easier to trace.


      To be honest... I had a talk to a representative (I think it was an Innove CSR). Including the *108# USSD. They're not familiar with it. 


      I also did a small trace... some of the promos do not exist anymore including websites they refer.


      Well this isn't really Globe's problem due to this is the previous subscriber's fault. Though information does help.

      That's all. :-)