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    How can I get my wrong data roaming charges back?


      I was in Australia at the end of May and subscribed to an unlimited roaming data promotion (BDU with Opus) for one day. In the bill following my trip, I got charged approximately 7,000 pesos (inclusive of Globe 15% surcharge for roaming services). I contacted Globe several times, opened several cases, but the correction keeps being denied even if the operator at the phone recognize the system error in the bill. The bill in fact shows the one-time charge for the unlimited data AND the data charges for the operator that is supposed to be the carrier of the promotion.


      A similar problem happened in Singapore two weeks after. In that case, I called Globe as I was not able to activate my promotion through the system. At some point, I got a confirmation, but the system seems to not have registered the promotion. These charges are approximately 4,500 pesos.


      So, now I am left with around 12,000 pesos of Globe mistake and the correction of this mistake is denied to me without explanation. The response is just: It's denied, mam! I even sent the screenshots of the two approvals, but nothing, nada, nill happened. 

      I am really disappointed as I am a large user of this unlimited data service, but I can clealy not trust it anymore, especially if Globe does not live up to its contractual obligations of not charging customers who activate the promotion.


      Any insight or help in resolving this billing problems would be appreciated.