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    Paid my bill ryt on deadline last Sep 16 but received another bill wi/ deadline set Sep 20


      Hi, I have been a subscriber since dec 2012 (tatttoo wifi superstick plan 999)

      Last Aug 17 I applied for additional 3 phone lines -  Best-Ever-Super Plan 299 - combined as a group plan with free gadget Asha 501 for two accounts. SInce there was only 1 stock left of the phone that day, I took home only 1 gadget and three sims. Agent told me I could get the other free handset the week after when they have new stock of asha 501. I paid the advance fee for the three additional lines worth Php897


      Aug. 24- I returned to the business center (UP Technohub) to claim the second free handset. I also sought to get a third free handset - but instead of asha 501, I asked if I could get Nokia Lumia 520. The deal was processed and tI ook home the 2 phones. 


      Then, when I checked the email and I got the bill statement under one account number - 78701084 - charging me with my existing tatoo account + the three additional Plan 299 lines. The deadline was on Sep 16. So I paid the full amount as stated therein (2,225.20) on that day--last monday.  The Bill period was July 27-Aug 28 but the details stated that I was also being charged for the following month Aug 27-Sep 26.


      Just yesterday I received three bill statements from the mail, one each for the three new/addtnal lines. What I am surprised is that there is "one-time charges" in each account wroth 491.07 each. Also, I was being billed anew for the month of september (sep.1-30). Why is this so? What was the one-time admin fee for? Help!