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    cant received SMS?


      Hello TM republic, my sim cant receive text anymore, and i been using it for more than 4 years? do you think what happened? is my SIM Block by your System?

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          Hey Jejo. Is it only for a few minutes or for a long time? Try retsarting your phone :smileyhappy:

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            I don't think TM will just block numbers without prior notice. There must have been some problems with the SMS configuration on your phone or your SIM.

            Is it just the SMS that you're not getting? How about calls? Have you tried inserting the SIM on another phone and see if it's acting the same?

            Anyway, those are the basic troubleshooting steps that reps would be asking you to do if you call them. Try it first. If it's not working, I think you can ask for a SIM replacement (if it's a problem with the SIM).
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              What about calls? Do you have signal? Or will you able to send sms? Try restarting first your phone