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    May iphone 5c or 5s na kayo?

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          Hi @JohnNy 


          Wala pa pong announcement ang Globe kung kelan iooffer ang iPhone 5s or 5c but definitely iooffer yan ng Globe. Probably this coming December.

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            Guys register your interest now. Globe has open its pre-order page for iPhone 5s and 5c. Officially arriving on November 15, 2013.


            Here are the links:

            iPhone 5c




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              Globe announces exclusive upgrade program "iPhone Forever" that lets new and existing subscribers swap their current devices for a new iPhone for free, or with a one-time cashout depending on the device being traded in, every year.


              How to Apply:

               *Consumable amount may be used for availing combos under my Best Ever Super Plan

              **Points Value applies

              ***Trade-in Gadget subject to terms and conditions






              Get the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c under Globe’s Best-Ever mySUPERLAN:

              The iPhone 5c - P1,799 monthly at Plan 999 with a monthly cashout of P800

              The iPhone 5s - P2,199 monthly at Plan 1799 with a monthly cashout of P400

              These plans have unlimited LTE surfing and consumable peso-value that can be used to avail of calls and texts promos.


              iPhone 5S and 5C Prepaid Kits:


              iPhone 5C
              16GB - 29,000.00
              32GB - 34,200.00


              iPhone 5S
              16GB - 34,400.00
              32GB - 39,600.00
              64GB - 44,800.00