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    feedback from existing globe subscribers


      hi. i'm planning on getting the plan 499 with globe. i'll opt for the 6 months in advance. can someone post their feedback about that method (like how long did you have to wait or was it accepted immediately)? and kindly provide your experience with globe's my super plan so far. thanks :smileyhappy:

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          hi there @ladyclivelise, my plan is not the same as yours but based on my experience, i got my plan within a week though i dont apply thru online or via GBC, someone got to our office and let us fill up forms and she do the filling.

          im on Plan 1799 and based on my experience and im saying within metro manila i didnt experience a trouble with globe, this is due to the fact the Globe has existence to every place i go.

          but whem im at home in pampanga, signal of Globe there is weak, i forgive that since my weekend is my rest day and not in the mood to connect to internet.

          but overall, im very satisfied with Globe and thank to all my previous feedback and comment with them im a mark man hehehe
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            Hi @ladyclivelise if you are planning to pay the advance 6 mos, same process din po you need to wait for 3-5 working days to approve your application. So far satisfied naman ako sa service na binibigay ng Globe sa akin. I have to postpaid accounts Plan 999 and Plan 299 when it comes to billing di din naman nagkaproblema. Go ka na for your application. hehe :smileyhappy:

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                In my experience, as long as you go to a Globe Business Center and all your requirements are easily verifiable and in order, same day approval is a high probability.


                Globe (and other telco) services are area dependent and I would highly suggest that you ask people around you which services would suit your needs before actually subscribing so your expectations would be realistic. Getting a prepaid sim of Globe and testing it out may help.