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    one time charge? payment for phone when it's free on my plan?


      I recently availed a plan for galaxy s4.. it was on unbelievable deals.. the handset was free @1799 at that time also we asked the CSR if there were hidden payments for the phone
      but the CSR told us that we would only have to pay the 1799 for the advanced 1month of the plan.. and the phone was for free for that promo that time..
      after a month I received my billing from globe.. to my dismay and I was also shocked that globe charges me a one time charge of 4285 for the phone.. I really dont get it.. why would globe post the unit is for "free @ plan1799"? when we also asked the CSR about it//

      I think the one time charge (hidden charges) is more burdensome than the plan999 + 600 cash out monthly..

      could anyone possibly help me with this.. thanks.. :smileyhappy: