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    Plan 499

      Hi sir/mam. .can i ask some questions
      I am a college student and i and i want to apply for a samsung galaxy s4 postpaid plan at 499 for a 30 months lock out and a cash out of 19000
      I will use my school id as a proof of identification, our utility bill ( with a authorization from my sister because i live with her and she pays all the bills) and a six months advanced payment for proof of income

      My question is can i pay the cash out monthly? because I don't even have a credit card
      Anu pa pong ibang solutions...gusto ko kc talaga ng s4
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          deferred payment can only be made via participating major credit card..

          one time cash payment is required if you don't have any credit card.

          if you want to apply for postpaid plan..the utility bill must be under your name..I strongly suggest that you convince your sister to apply for the plan in behalf of you :smileyhappy:

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            Hi @Eric  installment of cash-out is for Credit card holders. If wala pong CC you need to pay po the full amount of Cash-out