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    Data Charges


      I am always getting data charges to up to P 5,000 a month.  I am using a blackberry phone.  I have my network setting for Data set to off.  I don't use my blackberry for e-mail and I don't browse the internet.  My last bill enty on Data Charges look like this:


      BlackBerry Service
           Total Volume                         32711.00Kb 4,378.50
           Less: Free/Bonus Volume 16034.00Kb 2,146.36 CR


      I asked the Globe help desk a number of times and I was told a number times already that they will into this.  But I still continue getting the bills.


      Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my phone that even if i don't browse the internet nor read my e-mails via blackberry that I continue to get billed for Data Charges?


      Thanks for any help on this.

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          I think some of your applications, regardless if you're using them or not, are still connected to the Internet that's why you're getting those data charges.

          If you're not using your BlackBerry for any Internet-related features, then you may go to Options > Networks and Connections > Mobile Network > Set 'Data Services" to Off, "While Roaming" to Off and "Network Mode" to 2G.

          Or you may just register to BBMAX for P599 per month and get unlimited access to Internet and BIS on your phone. That is way cheaper than those charges on your bills.
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            That's weird, though, since Internet shouldn't work on your BlackBerry if your BIS is inactive.
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              Internet still work on BB even if you're BIS is not active because it automatically uses Globe mobile internet.


              You better call globe hotline & tell them to deactivate your value added services if you only use your phone for call & txt.
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                delete games if you have them, these are the usual suspect.

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                  If you call Globe they will insist you get UnliSurf Plan or Subscribe to Promo re Data and Mobile Browsing. I was a victim many times regarding on this, even you turn off the Data Services on your mobile Globe will insist that lumulusot pa rin ang data ng Globe even your only using WIFI. What i did is call globe and have may data services permanently disable and I insist not to pay the charges since I never used the mobile internet. Even you use the Globe Internet for like 3 minutes and turn it off, goodluck for the Bill Shock! If you're a heavy data user much better to get UnliSurf 999.