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    Someone hack my Globe Business  Wimax


      Hi Folks,


      Paano ko ba masesecure ang internet connection ko? I have friends na former employee ng affiliated company ninyo na naghahandle ng on site visits for internet.


      First week of September, they went on my pad for a party and they are joking that will hack my wimax for them to use it to their disconnected modem. I thought it was a JOKE!


      But last saturday, while having another party on their near place. They confess that they used my IP address or something to activate their modem.


      I am bothered with this issue even they compliment me that still my account having very fast speed.


      On the other hand, I am working online day and night and BIG NO NO for me if they temporary disconnect my account and replaced another one.


      If I will call customer service, What are the steps and resolution for this issue?


      I am legit customer and paying alot on your services (mobile, internet and other business services). Also, I am not sellfish but still a victim of illegal connection of someone.


      Hope someone will help