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    [Postpaid] Slow H+ speed in Washington st, Makati


      Dear Globe,


      I hope someone from your team would pick this message up. I have a tattoo superstick (pocket wifi) plan with you guys. I like it because I can see how better postpaid lines are compared to the prepaid lines in terms of mobile connectivity. I feel being given higher priority than them, which is how it really is supposed to be.


      I have one serious problem though, anywhere I go, I'm getting mostly good speeds, sometimes, I would get speeds of 7.2 mbps flat for a few hours. Now that's good, for the most part, but except here in my house in Makati. I very seldom get speeds of more than 300 kilobits per second. Most of the time, I'm just getting 90-100 kbps. That is painstakingly slow. 


      What's the deal? I checked our area in your site to see if upgrades are being done and it says it has been upgraded already. Do you have plans of actually bumping up the speeds here? My signals are always full here in our place, I know its not a signal related issue for even if I hang my tattoo stick outside my window, my speeds would still stay at 90-100 kbps.


      I hope to get feedback, it would be such a shame if I won't get any.