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    I cannot access the *143# in my windows phone


      ok so apparently, i cannot access the "screen/interface" when I dial *143# in my Nokia Lumia 610. I upgraded my phone last April to 7.8. I tried to dial *143# on another phone (LG Optimus Hub), and the "screen" popped out! and when I placed it back in my lumia, it keeps saying the same thing "Session terminated." I've dialled *143# a lot of times and same response, "Session Terminated." I tried going to the Globe store here in Baguio and I asked the help desk, and they didn't know what to do. All i want is to access the promos easily without going online to check the promos and how to avail of it. It's complicated. I've been using that number for almost a year.

      Pls. reply asap! :smileyhappy: