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    Tattoo Torque 8mbps - what line does it use if Fiber and VDSL is not available


      Got a call from a rep asking me if I would like to upgrade to Tattoo Torque 8mb. Since I'm fully aware that Globe Fiber is not yet available in my location, may I ask what line will they be using? I doubt it would be VDSL so is it safe to assume that its still the usual ADSL? 


      Furthermore, I was also informed that they would need to connect a new line since this would be different from the current (DSL) line that I am using. I'm currently at plan 5mb Tattoo Home. Can anyone confirm that this is correct? 


      Also, what modem would be used for Tattoo Torque? Would it still be the same one I am using right now for the 5mb Tatto Home plan? Or would it be different.. one that is for Tattoo Torque Plans only???