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    SIM Problem


      we recently got our LTE micro sim for our BlackBerry Z10, me and my wife, but ever since we changed to Micro Sim, my wife's number can't be reached by other networks number, and can only be called by Globe networks only, and she is not receiving any confirmation text when she registers for gcash, wechat and other registration requiring code that they will send you via sms. can anyone help me what to do with this, i already called Globe about this and was informed that they are going to generate a report regarding this and will send me via sms the reference number so i can follow up, but dang! its almost 2 days now and no reference code was sent to my number... Pls help...:smileysad::smileysad::smileysad:

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          Hi @jmlfjbv2013 ,

          Well its very unfortunate that the one of the problem is in fact the receiving of SMS. But then sir if you call the holtine I am sure that there is a report/ticket for it.

          May I ask have you activated any call barring/ call restrictions? Or 3rd party applications that blocks calls?

          If ever there is you can deactivate that by calling this access code: #35*1234# and then you will be receiving a notification if it is successful. Then you can retry.

          Or have it isolated, Try to insert the affected simcard to other phone so that we can check if it is isolated with the simcard. Or vice versa.. :smileyhappy:

          Hope this helps,