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      • Re: Huge Bill (roaming charges)

        Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures!


        Hello, @pudongski ! Welcome to the Globe Community! We are glad that you have come to share your Globe Life with us!


        I believe your concern is about your Data Roaming Charges.


        I understand, you been to Amsterdam, used Data Roaming twice there and availed the Bridge Data Roam.


        I tried to check the network's Bridge DataRoam pages, but I can't seem to find Netherlands in the list of countries from where the service are available. :smileysad:





        And then you went to Italy and availed of the Power Roam 499.  But you did not mention if you turned on your Data while in Italy or while in transit to Switzerland. While Italy is included in the list of Countries from where the service are available, Switzerland is not. And Power Roam is not an Unlimited promo. :smileysad:




        I feel for you. While I hope that the network can waive as much charges as they can, please understand that most of your Roaming Charges were charged not by Globe Telecom but by the networks in the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland.


        I suggest you discuss your concern with a CSR in the Globe Store as soon as you arrive in Manila.


        Try to enjoy the rest of your trip. I wish you well. I really do.