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    Problem with application


      Nakakainit ng ulo itong support team ng Globe.


      Nag-apply ako thru hotline, dapat 48 hours lang may feedback na for approval pero 1 week bago ako na-aproved at ang hindi maganda dito hindi ako tinawagan nung SUPPORT TEAM na sinasabi nung CSR.


      So after approval may tatawag daw ulit within 48 hours para i-confirm kuno yung delivery address. As I expected walang tumawag at ako ulit ang tumawag sa 730-1010 at dun ko lang nalaman na wala pa daw stock nung phone.


      Ganun ba kahirap para sa support team na tawagan yung applicant about sa delay or inavailability nung stock? Come on men, make your selves useful.


      I decided to cancel my application with hotline and sa GBC na lang ako nag-apply. Supposedly after 2 days ma-aaproved na ako sa GBC pero wala pa din at nung pinuntahan ko nalaman ko na hindi pala totally cancelled yung una kong application kaya daw hindi sila maka-proceed with my application with GBC.


      Wow, support team what are you doing with your life. 4 Days mula nung pina-cancel ko yun hindi pa din nila nacancel? What's wrong with this team, very disappointing. Poor performance with their job. I can't believe that Globe is employing these kind of people.


      Now (Sep26) wala akong magawa kundi hintayin ang SUPPORT TEAM na i-cancel na yung 1st application ko para naman maka-proceed na yung GBC with my application with them.


      Nagtataka lang ako sa Globe kung bakit hindi na lang nila maiayos ang serbisyo nila reagarding applications, they simply let the people be disappointed.


      My application took so very long already and I'm still here waiting for I think another long time to finally be served.

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          Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures!


          Hi, @Ren ! Welcome to the Globe Community! We are glad that you have come to share your Globe life with us!


          I am sorry for this inconvenience.


          Go back to the Globe Store.

          The Globe Store (GBC) should process your application.

          Tell them to call the Support Team while you wait.

          The Globe Store should proceed with your application.

          Don't wait for another day.

          If the unit is available, they should release it on the same day.

          Tell them to activate the SIM within 24 hours. 


          I cannot comment anymore about all worthess creatures that you have encountered.


          If you need further help, just a post a message here. Or send me a Tweet @WILLfindways 


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