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    Third Party postpaid application?


      Hi i would just like to verify if there are third party groups who actually process the post-paid applications for globe.


      Here's my story:



      Globe had a small booth in our office where you could apply for a post-paid plan. So i immediately printed out payslips, IDs and filled out the application form. I submitted all my documents and IDs the same day and they told us that we'd hear from the within 7 business days. So we did wait. 



      A month after we sent out our applications, finally we received an update regarding our applications and it said that it was pending due to "Need POID of subs with signature". 



      Sent my TIN ID picture through email. I was expecting that she would reply just to acknowledge that she has received it but she didn't. Yes, I let it go, I didn't make a fuss about it but in my mind I was thinking "is this how really globe does business with their clients?"



      I was fed up with waiting. I called the number that I found on the signature of her email but it just kept on ringing and no one answered the call. So I sent a text and here's how the conversation went.


      ME: "Hi Miss ____, I just wanted to check on the status of my application coz it's been 2 weeks already since i sent over the POID with signature that you requested for through email and I haven't heard anything since then"


      Her: "May I know who is this?"


      Me: "Oh, sorry i didn't introduce myself. I'm _____. I don’t know if this will help but my MSA Number is SG#####"


      After that, she didn't reply anymore but a few hours later I received an email from our HR saying that I had to fill-out an auto-debit form for a credit card then send it to a specific email address again. This was getting ridiculous. I was pissed off because the level of professionalism that this woman has shown is not something that anyone would expect from a "SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER". She didn't even have the decency to reply to my text message.


      So I replied with:


      Hi _____,


      I received an email that I had to fill out an auto-debit form and send it to you.


      I wasn’t aware that I needed to have a credit card for this application to push through and it wasn’t mentioned to us when we gave our applications a month ago.

      The thing is, I don’t have a credit card. So is it possible to set this up on a debit card instead?


      Please reply through this e-mail as soon as possible. I do not want to wait again for 2 weeks just to hear back regarding this.

      I don’t think it would take you an hour for you to check your email and reply.





      I don’t understand why they're asking me to fill that out and it make me doubt that I’m dealing with a legit person. Coz I tried searching her name through Facebook and Google, I couldn't find anything. In the first place, there was no indication on the form that we filled out that we NEEDED to have a credit card for them to setup an auto-debit to. I also asked one of my colleagues if he received an email requesting for him to also fill out an auto-debit form and he told me that he didn't receive anything. 

      Telling him what happened today, he said that he called customer service earlier to ask for an update regarding our applications. CS said that a third party is handling our applications that’s why it’s taking too long. I was really surprised hearing that coz i can remember the guy who got my application here in the office saying that the process for the application was gonna be quicker since they're processing it through the main office the day after they went to our office.




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          From what I know there are really 3rd party groups receiving and maybe even processing Globe transactions in a limited way but final approval is left to Globe.


          Aside from the usual agents, there are what we call Premier Dealerships which are business centers with limited capacity but using the Globe brand name. Some malls actually have dealerships and the reason why some applications are delayed and processed slower not because of their wanting but because of their limited capacity in accordance with their dealershop agreements. They also cannot touch loyalty or retention offers.


          There are also agents (who where Globe t-shirts) who now offer globe plans tied up with phones which are unlocked in many of the cellphone stores around the Philippines. A regular priced phone could be bought through 24 months regular installment OR a discounted installment with a 24 months subscription to Globe... a new strategy being made for those who have other phones in mind other than what Globe usually offers.


          This may explain why some "agents" are more trained than others.