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    Fluctuating / no service / not reading sim on Samsung Galaxy S4 (defective LTE sim cards?)




      I have been having issues with my signal the past few days, it disconnects from the network at least once a week, fixes when I restart the phone but after a while it loses it's signal.


      Previously, when I turn off data, the H+ or E signal dissapears, now it is still there.
      I am also having issues with the data, sometimes I get, sometimes I don't.


      In my office post, I regularly have 4G signal or H+, or H.


      Now I have been having issue that the phone is not reading the sim card at all sometimes, fixes as well via restart.

      I have changed simcard several times and as well as requested a new number but it did not change.


      Is there something wrong with the phone?

      Is Globe issuing defective LTE simcards?

      For the first 2 days it works fine, then the signal drops and the phone does not recognize the sim card.


      I'm getting frustrated with this, been calling Globe and they have just been telling me to do the same thing I've been doing to troubleshoot the phone.


      I've tried a different sim card on my phone and it worked... could there also be something wrong with the phone or was I receiving defective simcards?
      I have researched online and saw that the firmware update has caused these kinds of issues.


      I am also getting tired of going to Globe to change my sim card. For the past week I have changed my sim 5 times and my number with the last change.


      Please advise.