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    confused regarding dates

      Can you please help me know when my 2-year contract will end?

      On my monthly bill, the range is every 10th of the month ex bill: sept 10 - oct 10.

      But I officialy got my phone last oct. 26, 2011 from globe center that time.

      I will terminate and finish this contract but i dont know what specific date i will tell globe to terminate this without any pretermination fee and excess month of usage.

      I will actually apply for a new plan (plan 499) afterwards which is different from this existing plan (family combo)

      Also, i called last time about reward that i can get from family combo and they can just offer me a free handset not rebate. May i know what does a free handset mean? (is it giving u a phone other than the phone u will get from enrollment to plan 499? Thus 2 phones) or is it getting a more expensive phone when i enroll to plan 499 but without any cash out since this is a reward?

      Im looking forward for your answers and thanks in advance :smileyhappy: