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    Lost application (after 2 weeks waiting)



      Hi. I applied for a postpaid plan application last Sept. 14, 2013 at SM Taytay Globe branch. The person who assisted me said that for new applicants, feedback would be after 10 working days (though it's definitely a long waiting time just for feedback, I opted to just wait). So yesterday, Sept. 27, (which is the 10th day) my mom tried to follow up my application at the said branch, since I have work the whole day. Unfortunately, it seems that they have lost my application since they could not find it among their files. It only goes to show that they really haven't touched my application since the day that I applied, and it seems that they haven't called the HR department at my work because the agent promised my mom that he will call the HR as soon as possible. I am now starting to regret that I have applied there. Globe, kindly address this matter. I have read other comments/blogs/posts with the same dilemma as mine, their waiting time even longer. It was really a huge hassle for me since I really needed the line asap. I patiently waited for the approval after two weeks, and it's really disappointing to discover that I waited for nothing. :smileysad:

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          Hi @debbie08 


          Maybe the agent you passed your application forgot to logged it to Globe's system. In this case you may visit again to the said branch andask for your form (the one that you filled-up when you applied). If they really lost it, you may re-apply on that branch again or ONLINE.

          I prefer online since within the day, someone will call you. The bad is delivery takes longer.