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    iPhone 5 problem


      Hi, i got a problem with my iphone 5. my iphone constantly crashes and wont reboot. I tried restoring it, and was successful but after a few minutes it crashed again and now im stuck in the restoring process. An error always occurs when i try to restore it, I also tried some steps which i read from the internet but still no good. I haven't dropped it and im pretty sure that the phone is charged. 


      And by the way, wasn't able to use it for a long time, got this iphone last thursday (Sept. 19, 2013)


      Just to give you and idea, here's a link of a video. We have the same problem.




      What should I do? 

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          Hi, if your iPhone is from Globe then you may get to the nearest Globe Business Store with your iPhone and tell them the problem.

          They will tell you what to do if they know how to troubleshoot or if they can't... they will get your phone and give it to Apple to fix it. :smileyhappy:

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              Tried it once, i went to SM manila then the person who assisted me just pressed the Sleep button and the home button at the same time, then the phone restarted and was working fine but 30mins after i left the globe store it crashed again and now it's always on recovery mode. I also tried what the assistant told me but it was no good, and i tried to restore it but an error always occurs, the phone restarts during the restoring process.  But yeah, thank you for your advise. Im sending my phone to my mom so she could send it to globe.