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    Internet connection after modem replacement.


      Hi, my old Huawei Echolife HG521 modem was replaced last Saturday after a year of service because it got "fried" after a technician came by and checked what causes me to have intermittent internet and poor landline service. He also found out that the cables connecting my modem and DSL splitter are also broken so he replaced the cables with new ones along with a new modem called Aztech DSL5001EN.  There's just a couple of things I've noticed after it was replaced. Internet works fine as it is when there is a connection but there is always a 3-5 second delay when I initially access a page that I usually visit where I always get an almost immediate response (a split second delay) from the browser when I still had the old modem. This happens all the time since the replacement whenever I access a page on the browser for the first time regardless if it's on a new tab or not. I tried it on IE10, Chrome and Firefox and got the same results. I've double checked my connections, rebooted the modem, changed my IP address, completed a full anti-virus scan and initially cleared the cache and cookies of my browsers just to be sure. I even noticed this delay when accessing the GUI of the new modem where I never had the same issue with the old one. I believe that it shouldn't behave that way since I've had a better experience in the past year but then, I want to know if there are others experiencing the same issue. If yes, I'd like to know as well if it's possible to request for another modem replacement instead where I'd get a new Huawei Echolife HG521 modem instead since it's easier to manage.


      Thanks for reading my concern and sorry for the long read. Sincerely.